Pharo Launcher comes with a few settings you can customize.

WARNING: Settings are only persisted by clicking on the "Store settings" button! If you do not click on "Store settings", settings changes will only apply for the current Pharo Launcher session (i.e. until you quit Pharo Launcher).

Pharo Launcher settings


  • Use HTTP proxy ? If checked then the you will be able to set a port number and a server name. If unchecked, then no http proxy is used.


  • Templates cleared at startup: When enabled, Launcher startup clears the Templates List. When disabled, Launcher startup retains the Templates List from last run.
  • Quit on Launch: When enabled, Pharo Launcher quits when an image is launched. When disabled, Pharo Launcher stays alive when an image is launched.
  • Warn on architecture mismatch? Get a warning when trying to launch an image with a different architecture than the Launcher (i.e. trying to launch a 32-bit image from Pharo Launcher 64-bit).
  • Check for template sources update? Check regularly (each day) if Pharo Launcher Template official sources has an update available (needs internet access)


  • Location of the template sources file: Path to the directory that will contain Pharo Launcher template sources file.
  • Template sources URL: URL for downloading the template list.
  • Location of image initialization scripts: A directory where all your Pharo images initialization scripts will be saved (executed once at image creation).
  • Location of images: A directory where all your Pharo images will be saved and launched.
  • Virtual Machines directory: Path to the directory containing all the VMs to launch your Pharo images.

WARNING: You must have the read/write rights on folders.The path might need to escape some whitespace characters.

Danger zone

Use these options only if you know what you are doing!

  • Enable development environment: closes Pharo Launcher UI and restore Pharo IDE for development purposes.
  • Hard reset persistent state: One-shot action. Will put nil in all class variables of Pharo Launcher packages and restart the UI.